How to Reset JioFi 6 admin username and password

Couple of users of my app JioFiDash reported issues logging into the WiFi Settings section of the app. If you are facing login issues try this:

username: administrator

password: administrator

If this doesn’t work, you will need to reset your device.

  • Open the backpanel of your JioFi device.
  • Inside you will find a pin hole with a label Readmore

iTerm2 + Oh My ZSH => a better Terminal

iTerm2 with ZSH

iTerm2 is an OpenSource replacement for apples Terminal. It is highly customisable and has a lot of useful features. This is a getting started guide for anyone new to MacOS and in general development.

Install Iterm2

Download and install the latest version of iTerm2 from

Install Zsh

Zsh is one of the most popular shells that you can install. Readmore

Setup Python Protocol Buffer Mac OS

Protocol Buffer

Protocol Buffer

Protocol buffers are a flexible, efficient and automated mechanism for serializing structured data. They are like XML but much simpler, faster and smaller. We define the structure and then generate source code to easily write and read from a variety of data sources.

Dependencies to build Protocol Buffer

The following dependencies are required to successfully build and install Protocol Buffers.


Creating notifications on Android

Create notification

Notifications are an important way to display information when your app is not being used.

A notification is a message that is shown outside of an application window by the android system to inform the user about information like communication from other people, reminders and other timely information.

Code for the this tutorial is available on my GitHub.

Notification layout



Developing and releasing my first Android app


Battery status

After a month of coding, bug fixing and testing, I have managed to release my app on the PlayStore.

The initial weeks were spend watching video tutorials and going through the developer docs. After week two I decided to build the JioFiDash app. There were...


My First Android App - JioFiDash

JioFiDash Poster

Almost ready with my first Android app - A dashboard for JioFi 6 (JMR815).

I always wanted to publish an app in the PlayStore. So, one month back I decided to learn enough of the Android framework to be able to develop a simple app. Initially all the ideas I had seemed already exist in the PlayStore. Then one fine day, I...


Android - Creating a List of Cards using RecyclerView


A RecyclerView is used to display a scrolling list of items based on a large data set or data that changes frequently.

Code for the this tutorial is available on my GitHub.

In the RecyclerView model, several components work together to display a scrolling list. We add a RecyclerView object that acts as the container for the list...


Understanding Android Activities and LifeCycles

An activity is similar to a webpage in a sense that it has both a layout(UI) and logic.

Activities are an integral part of any Android application and just like web pages they have a layout and logic associated with them. But unlike desktop apps the mobile experience doesn’t always start from the same screen. For example, if you open an online chat application you might see...